About our Products

1. Herbal products

We are specialized in supplying E-Fong and NGP concentrated granule herbal teas extract. Effective,
safe and hygienic. They are convenient for carrying and are proven to be even more potent than raw
herbs prepared in the traditional way. We supply these herbal tea products in a variety of forms:

1. Single herbal granules for compounding in bottle
2. Single herbal granules for compounding in sachet
Our products are manufactured by the renowned Guangdong E-Fong (Yifang) Herbal Product
Manufacturer and NGP factory. E-Fong and NGP products are made with the highest level of safety
Standards; they have obtained the site license by Health Canada and are compliant with the GMP
Certificate by the Australian TGA (E-Fong products) and the Chinese SFDA (State and Food and
Drug Administration). For more information on the manufacturing process, please visit the website of  
E-Fong via: www.efong.com and NGP via http://www.xinlvyao.com/
YiFang and NGP state all products marked E-Fong and Tianyi NGP with DEHP FREE
About us
Aidus is a unique distribution company that focuses on supplying Chinese herbal tea in granulated
form and medical devices ( acupuncture  needles , TDP lamps, Glass Cupping Jars and Moxa) in  
North America. With more than 30 years of knowledge and experience,  we understand that having
the right tools  can make all the difference in  health. That is why our sole mission is to provide only
the best and the most effective products for our customers.   
2. Acupuncture products- TIANYI and JIACHEN
Acupuncture treatment can be a painful or rewarding experiences for patients. At Aidus, we believe
the acupuncture experience is dependant on the quality and sharpness of the needles. Therefore, we
have carefully chosen a manufacturer who can produce needles of our standards that can reduce
patients' fear of needles and work effectively. We are confident that our choice of needles will provide
you and your patients with satisfying results. Please visit our products page for more information and
we welcome you to request samples of our needles to experience the difference.
Jiachen  Acupuncture needles are the products of  Jiachen Medical Devices Co., Ltd. in Suzhou City,
Jiangsu Province of China. The products are  made with the highest quality stainless steel with a
smooth and sharp finish to ensure easy and painless insertion. Distributed in United States, Germany,
Japan and other western countries, these needles are favoured by acupuncture practitioners around
the world. Jia Chen adheres to stringent quality requirements and has carried the Health Canada
Medical Device Certification Authority license for more than a decade. Aidus is the exclusive importer
and distributor of the brand in Canada. To become a regional distributor please contact us.
Why Aidus?
We are a wholesale distributor which means we are able to supply you all the good quality  products in the
desirable amount at the most reasonable prices. With over 20 years of wholesale experience, we have
developed a quick and efficient distribution system to ensure that all your orders are delivered in a timely
manner. We value your trust and we are always happy to send out product samples upon registration with
us. For more details about sampling, please contact us.
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3. TDP Mineral Table Heating (Aladdin's Miracle) Lamp
Chongqing XINFENG TDP lamp is a TDP product authorized by The Medical Devices
Bureau (Bureau) of the Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Canada. TDP special
electromagnetic wave treating instrument.  TDP Lamp is a new type therapeutic and
health device. With the functions of promoting metabolism, regulating physiological
deficiency, diminishing inflammation and easing pain, increases the blood circulation
and metabolism, raises the temperature in tissues, expands capillary vessels, rejuvenates
cells, helps move toxins from cells, improves Lymphatic system functions. TDP Lamp
has been proven extraordinarily effective in treating numerous  ailments such as
muscular sore and pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and various skin conditions. Since
introduced into clinic and family use in early 1980, the TDP Lamp has successfully
treated up to 60 million patients in China, Hong Kong, south Asia, Japan, Europe,
Australia and recently in north America. Due to its prominent therapeutic effects, the
TDP Lamp is known in china and Hong Kong  as the "Magical Lamp".
4. Acupuncture Text Book.
1). Advanced Modern Chinese Acupuncture Therapy :
Authors : Yin Ganglin - Liu Zhenghua Title : Advanced modern chinese acupuncture therapye A practical handbook
for intermediate and advanced study Year : 2000 Preface. Each passing year, Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion
(Zhenjiu) attracts the attention of more and more people from countries all over the world. Modern research also is
clearly proving that acupuncture is a credible form of health care. As a result the demand for knowledge in this field
has drarnatically increased, not only from students and practitioners of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, but from
the Western medical community as well. The numbers of students and practitioners of Chinese Zhen jiu has
dramatically increased too. ...

2). Three needle Technique :From the Preface:
"Three needle therapy is a form of acupuncture that utilizes uniquely formulated and grouped acupoints in the
treatment of syndromes, diseases and related symptoms. Three needles in this context refers to three selected points
from the 14 regular meridians and extraordinary points." This book contains 100 entries for the treatment of illnesses
utilizing Three Point Therapy. These are subdivided into treatment by anatomical region (14), syndromes (12),
general disorders (18), and specific symptoms (56). Each listing is formatted to include: Chief indication,
Secondary indications, Acupoint composition and explanation, Functions (of combined points), Manipulation
remarks (of the acupoints), and Location of points. Extensively illustrated, each listing has clear modern diagrams of
the location of each acupoint specified for that entry