About E-Fong
E-Fong was designated as the premier experimental
base by the Administration State of Traditional
Chinese Herbs  to lead research and develop the
single Chinese herb concentrated granule in China,
and was also designated as the first experimental
manufacturer by the State of food and drug
administration in China. In the last twenty years,
E-Fong has continually re-innovated the standards
and technological process of manufacturing
concentrated herbs and has been the key contributor
to the growing popularity of  Herbal Tea Products.
Today, E-Fong is a manufacturer known for its
unparalleled drive towards safe, efficient,
stable, and hygienic herbal production.
E-Fong's products and processes are all in
strict accordance with GMP. E-Fong has
obtained the site license by Health Canada and
are compliant with the GMP Certificate by the
Australian TGA and the Chinese SFDA (State
and Food and Drug Administration). For more
information, please visit
E-Fong, also known as the Guandong YiFang Herbal Manufacturer Company, is the leading
manufacturer  of Food and Herbal Tea in China. Fully equippe with the finest technological
capabilities, E-Fong has developed concentrated granules for more than   500 types of
Chinese herbs and continues to grow their product line today.  
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